About the TIC CUP

To-Date the TIC CUP Charities Golf Tournament has donated a total of $1,165,424. Donating over $156,000 in 2019!

“The TIC CUP is an annual charity golf tournament for its employees, top vendors, friends, & clients to come together and celebrate the past years successes as well as visit old friends and create new relationships that last a lifetime,” said TIC employee and tournament director, Shawn Colasuonno. “While doing so, we raise a lot of money for some amazing charities that help kids and their family’s battle pediatric cancer.”

The TIC CUP was established informally in 1999 and has evolved since then. Originally, TIC-Southwest employees hosted casual golf tournaments when three TIC employees (Steve Bass, Tim Duke, & Dave Kivet) designed and built the custom made TIC CUP trophy. This trophy is now offered to the winning team to display for a year. In 2001, the tournament expanded to other regions and all were invited to participate. Today, the tournament has such a demand that the tournament field fills within a week of the invitations being sent out every October.

In 2009 the tournament took on a charitable role as a child in the TIC family was diagnosed with leukemia and the participants banded together to support the organization that helped our TIC family. From the humble beginnings in 2009 of a $2,000 check, the tournament now raises well over $100,000 each year, setting new records every time it is held.

The proceeds of the event benefit many amazing charities.

At the root of everything we’re here to help kids!

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